Collared Sunbird Nest

For the last three years we have had a pair of Collared Sunbirds nest in the rose bush on the edge of our verandah. This year they have chosen to position their nest quite near the top of the bush, which I thought was very considerate of them as it gives me an excellent view:-) Here are a couple of pics of the nest building...                                                                   I have only seen the female actually building the nest, but the male always seems to be close by...                                             27 November - Here are a couple of photo updates...the eggs have hatched and the chicks are being fed at the moment - I am not certain but I think there are 2 chicks in the nest. I heard the male sunbird shouting madly outside my window yesterday and found that he was giving my cat an earful - as you can see, she was peacefully sleeping and was in no way any threat to his babies:-)                                    


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