Hogsback Road Trip

This weekend I went on a road trip with a friend to Hogsback in the Eastern Cape…wow, what an awesome trip!  Really pretty scenery, lots of flowers in bloom, some amazing trees and a few interesting creatures…here are some (well actually, lots!) of my pics:






































I liked the rooster on top of the spire;)

















I was so excited to see this puffadder in the road, I haven’t seen such a big one before – it was about 1.2m


A little bit closer…


Check how fat it was;)  Don’t worry Mom, I didn’t get out of the car!!



One of the trails in the indigenous forest














Unfortunately I didn’t see any red “fairy” toadstools, but did find these cute yellow ones;)












Multi purpose tree – bee hive at the bottom and Cape Parrot nest box at the top













Such a pretty garden – Clematis on the left, Azaleas in front and Wisteria on the right
How cute is this goat?! My sister needs one for her collection of beaded creatures;)











We were really lucky with the weather and on Friday I had a clear view of the tops of all the Hogs













All of these azaleas and rhododendron pics are from the Mistlea Azalea Nursery in Hogsback – they have a stunning display of many different varieties, sizes and colours…this is obviously the best time of year to visit!

I loved this dude’s green “bolero” jacket;)











This is Hobbit country;)



I am a guide and tour operator based in Durban in South Africa