The Markets of Warwick

Today I went to explore the Markets of Warwick.  It was an amazing experience and if you have a few hours spare one morning (preferably a Friday as that is when the bead market is open) I recommend you take a tour.  The tours are organised by the Markets of Warwick and are led by a very knowledgeable guide and take about 2 – 3 hours depending on how much shopping you do:-)

Here are some of my pics…































































































I loved these towers of balancing potatoes!  There are so many different fruit and vegetables available in the Early morning market and it was all very fresh and reasonably priced.


The tour starts and ends at the Victoria Street Market which I tour quite regularly.  Pam, pictured below, is so helpful and friendly and is always able to help me source the various shopping requests that I get from my clients.

These colourful necklaces are in a new style, made out of papier mache, and are very reasonably priced at R25 each.











I love the vibrant colours that are so frequently used in our local crafts…..these are the colours of Africa!!






I am a guide and tour operator based in Durban in South Africa