Christmas trees

This year I have decorated indigenous trees for Christmas.  I wanted to use plants that I could put out into the garden after Christmas, but that wouldn't mind being a pot or indoors in the meantime. For our indoor tree I chose this aloe:                                 And for our verandah I chose a Spekboom.  I read a wonderful article about these shrubs and how good they were at filtering the air and removing CO2.  I will see if I can find an electronic copy of the article that I read to link in here, but in the meantime here is one from Urban Sprout  on its carbon storage.                                 This fir tree is growing in our garden and has been there since we moved into our house some 12 years ago, and I haven't the heart to remove it:-(  My son was most disappointed that we didn't have a 'real' Christmas tree this year, but was somewhat mollified by being allowed to decorate this one outside!               I took these pics at Tala last week of their decorations.  The acacia tree in their dining room is festooned with decorations and fairy lights and looks stunning - my photo doesn't do it justice!  And in their reception area is this aloe flower head that has also been decorated:                       


I am a guide and tour operator based in Durban in South Africa