Sani Pass

This weekend I was up at Sani Pass and took a 'million' photos as always!  Instead of bombarding everyone on Facebook with them, I decided to load them here with just a link for those who would like to see them all:)               The old trading ruins at the bottom of the valley; and on the right is a view all the way to the top of the Pass There were some really beautiful flowers in full bloom, I was especially impressed by a whole field of red hot pokers - but unfortunately my pics of them didn't come out so well, you'll just have to take my word for it!               This man was carrying a load of wood up the Pass...there are no trees up on top; I have forgotten the name of these yellow flowers but think it is perhaps a type of Helichrysum...I will find out:)                   I loved the coats on some of these sheep, almost to the ground!  The Basotho shepherds always wear blankets to protect them from the icy wind, although it wasn't too cold on Sunday...                     I think that this colourful lizard is called a Prickly Girdled Lizard ; there were lots of birds too - these storks as well as some Bald Ibis which I haven't seen up here before.                                                       The view from what always feels like the top of the world; and just having fun with all the yellow flowers!               And for my pic of the day...  I battle to get photos of these little guys - they are very quick to disappear back into their burrows, so I was thrilled to get one standing up and in amongst all the pretty flowers too!!


I am a guide and tour operator based in Durban in South Africa