Sani & Nottingham Road

A couple of weeks ago I took a family friend to Sani Pass, and so was able to take my son Kai on his first trip up to Lesotho. It was quite warm up top but we could see some ominous looking clouds on the horizon, and we had quite a good snowfall a couple of days are some pics from Sani, and a few from our day trip to play in the snow at Nottingham Road this weekend. 20120814-141841.jpg 20120814-141900.jpg 20120814-141909.jpg 20120814-141942.jpg This waterfall is frozen in is Kai with our guide Mondli 20120814-142055.jpg Snow incoming;) 20120814-142131.jpg I don't know anything about this little green guy, but thought he was really funky;) 20120814-142252.jpg You often find birds of prey on roadside telephone posts, a great vantage point to spot road kill from;) 20120814-142434.jpg 20120814-142504.jpg 20120814-142514.jpg 20120814-142545.jpg 20120814-142605.jpg We stopped at the Nottingham Road Hotel for some yummy gluwhein and for the kids to play...hope their primulas survived the snow! 20120814-142716.jpg 20120814-142723.jpg 20120814-142728.jpg


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