Lazing around Limpopo

In early December we had a family holiday in Limpopo. We stayed at a game and golf resort with plenty of creatures for photo are a few of them;) 20130416-093740.jpg I love seeing different species that we don't get at home! This is a very common bird from the northern parts of the country - a Grey Lourie or Go-away bird. We are used to seeing his very colourful cousin, the Purple Crested Lourie or Turaco, which I regularly get in my garden. 20130416-094342.jpg This is a Woodland Kingfisher, much more colourful than the Brown Hooded one I get in my garden! 20130416-094640.jpg The first baby cute;) 20130416-094842.jpg Peek-a-boo! 20130416-095411.jpg I find Woodpeckers particularly difficult to identify, but I think this is a female Golden tailed one;) 20130416-095810.jpg I was really excited to see these Gemsbok as I've only seen them once before... 20130416-100038.jpg African sure to do a fly-by first before landing to make sure there aren't any large creatures strolling across! There were some really magnificent eland in this herd. 20130416-100556.jpg 20130416-100852.jpg Not a great photo but I wanted to show you the awesome colours of the impending storm clouds - we were on a safari vehicle but managed to race back in time before the downpour! 20130416-101345.jpg Quirky farmstall in the area, I loved this display outside;) 20130416-101758.jpg Horseback! There are not that many places that you are able to go on safari by horse, but I highly recommend it if you have the opportunity. It is awesome to be able to get up so close to the wildlife, I think they perceive the horses as just another creature, not one carrying a human;) 20130416-102639.jpg Elephant kisses - this was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had!! There is an elephant interaction centre in the area where you can learn about elephants, feed them, touch them and just be incredibly awed by their magnificence....I can't describe how it feels to put your hands on his chest and feel his rumble through your bones; how small you feel standing under his head to feed him; how gently and nimbly he uses his trunk to take food from your hand; and how humbling it is to look into his eyes and know that he trusts you to be kind, when he lowers himself into a vulnerable position, so you can stroke him and feel his crinkles.


I am a guide and tour operator based in Durban in South Africa