Coedmore Castle

Coedmore Castle is located within Stainbank Nature Reserve in Yellowwood Park. I was fortunate to be invited on an educational there yesterday with my local Tour Guides Association. Here are some of my pics...


20130904-182950.jpg This is Jenny, one of the Stainbank family members giving us the history of the castle.

20130904-183414.jpg Gorgeous tile details in the hallway...

20130904-183528.jpg Scenes from the main bedroom, still furnished with some of the original pieces.

20130904-183704.jpg Eco-friendly bathroom - the water from the sink tips to flow to the garden outside...


20130904-184018.jpg Awesome wooden roof in the study.

20130904-184058.jpg Lovely porcelain pieces in the drawing room

20130904-184235.jpg Dining room door opens to the metal staircase leading up the tower

20130904-184436.jpg Delicious scones for tea, thanks Jenny!

20130904-184623.jpg Tours are arranged by appointment, and will soon include a visit to the museum on the property housing some of Mary Stainbank's famous sculptures. A visit to the castle would not be complete without a walk around the nature reserve too! Stainbank is home to several small animals, lovely birds, and the most magnificent yellowwood trees planted by the family in the late 1800's. Here are a few pics, but it is very hard to capture these trees in an image, you really need to come and see them for yourself!



20130904-185800.jpg I didn't have my big camera with me, but that is a fish eagle in the tree above the water monitor swimming across the dam! We also saw zebra and duiker too.

20130904-190030.jpg How tall is this tree?!!

20130904-190722.jpg This is a really unique way to spend a few hours - email me with a suitable date and your group size, and we can make it happen!


I am a guide and tour operator based in Durban in South Africa