Skabenga’s birthday party

Today my son and I went to The Oyster Box Hotel to celebrate their resident cat Skabenga's birthday! I just love all the attention to detail that goes into this annual event!! Here are some pics... 20130926-193536.jpg The red carpet lined with party balloons to welcome us 20130926-193650.jpg The birthday cat snoozing in one of his favourite spots in the foyer 20130926-193831.jpg 20130926-193850.jpg 20130926-193919.jpg Such a spread to choose from! Cat shaped biscuits and sandwiches, and the cupcakes were printed with his photo 20130926-194209.jpg Cat shaped balloons 20130926-194520.jpg The birthday boy arrives... 20130926-194609.jpg The beautiful cake 20130926-194757.jpg I love the look on his face! "Wow, are all these children singing to me?!" 20130926-195010.jpg He even had a feline guest! 20130926-195231.jpg A lovely day for a cat's birthday party;) 20130926-195327.jpg Thank you for having us Skabenga, we had a lovely afternoon!


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