The Priority Zone

Today I went on an educational organised by the Durban Tourist Guides Association to The Priority Zone. We had a short visual presentation in their conference room, followed by a walking tour of some of the Durban City area that they are some (sorry, lots!) of the pics: 20130909-221643.jpg This lady prepares and sells local dishes at the Taxi Rank 20130909-221854.jpg Did you know we had a pawpaw farm in the city?! 20130909-222003.jpg 20130909-222021.jpg The pretty Medwood Gardens near City Hall. Vegetables are planted in some of the flower beds on the street, and are available for free to whomever would like them. 20130909-222427.jpg 20130909-222439.jpg This florist's family has been selling flowers in Durban for more than 100 years! 20130909-222642.jpg 20130909-222704.jpg 20130909-222726.jpg I love the flowers planted in all the 'tree islands' throughout this park;) 20130909-222851.jpg A view of the AIDS ribbon in Gugu Dlamini Park 20130909-223012.jpg It is awesome being able to take these pics when I'm on a walking tour - I have driven past this wall so many times but never had the time or opportunity to stop and take a here are a couple of them;) 20130909-223236.jpg 20130909-223251.jpg 20130909-223336.jpg This is our ICC Arena 20130909-224014.jpg Thomas being charged by Yenza;) There is a rooftop garden at the offices of the Priority Zone which is absolutely stunning! It is planted with water wise indigenous plants, and herbs and vegetables. They have used recycled materials to create the platforms (wooden pallets) and plants are housed in old tyres and half drums; using compost and organic fertiliser. 20130909-224811.jpg 20130909-224828.jpg Marigolds as a companion plant to the strawberries provide a natural pest repellant 20130909-224945.jpg The bees are loving the basil flowers! 20130909-225033.jpg Their beehives are secluded in the corner - one section of the garden is specifically planted for the bees 20130909-225239.jpg 20130909-225340.jpg 20130909-225418.jpg 20130909-225432.jpg 20130909-225451.jpg Rainwater is collected from the neighbour's roof, stored in tanks, and then pumped manually by this step-machine to mist the plants 20130909-225915.jpg Solar panels are used to heat the geysers for the staff showers and to provide power to the office equipment too 20130909-230107.jpg It is possible to book this space for your next meeting! 20130909-230238.jpg These vertical garden panels are a new project and just recently planted. This one is portable which I think is quite unique...I would love one at my house! 20130909-230528.jpg Delicious organic lettuce;) Some of their produce is sold at the local vegetable shop, but most of their vegetables are given to charities in the surrounding area. This vertical garden behind me will soon have fish in the tanks at the base - I think this type of gardening is called aquaponics? Please have a look at The Priority Zone's website for more information on their awesome project. I think they have done a fantastic job!


I am a guide and tour operator based in Durban in South Africa