The Amphitheatre

If there is one thing I've learnt while out on tour is that there is nothing I can do about the weather! In March I was on tour in the northern Drakensberg to visit the Amphitheatre. Our first stay over was at Thendele where it happened to be misty and rainy for the entire 24 hours we were there;) What mountain?! Thendele Great rain jacket - thanks First Ascent for keeping me dry! First Ascent Please let me in...It's wet out here Wet baboon Lovely forest walk around camp Forest Rainy birds;) Thrush in the rain When we drove out the following morning, the river had come up significantly overnight so I walked the route first to make sure no potholes had formed that I could get stuck in... Wash on the road It's a bit wet out there!     The following day the sun came out brilliantly and we returned to get some photos. There is the mountain I promised was hidden in the mist: The Amphitheatre Amphitheatre We had a lovely morning hike from The Cavern and I spotted a beautiful chameleon - photo taken by Neil: Neil's chameleon image And a pretty locust found in garden: image


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